For this 4th participation in the PROMOTE business fair, the bank has chosen to highlight its innovation strategy, both in the commercial and institutional fields.

What are the stakes for a bank like Société Générale Cameroun to position itself at PROMOTE?

PROMOTE is a multi-sectoral event that brings together several companies and stakeholders of the Cameroonian socio-economic community. Throughout the nine days, there are opportunities for promotion, contacts, exchanges, debates and meetings. It is a time for us to assert our leadership as a universal bank par excellence on the one hand and to highlight innovation as one of our fundamental approaches on the other. Promote is therefore an ideal positioning platform for Société Générale Cameroun. As a reminder, our institution has placed accessibility and proximity at the heart of its commitment and daily action for the 59 years it has been established in Cameroon. Our objective as an exhibitor at this edition is to target and support our clients, prospects and partners of today and tomorrow, with solutions that meet their needs, at the forefront of what they can have in other countries and that an institution like ours puts within their reach.

What does Société Générale Cameroun expect to achieve by participating to PROMOTE?

Société Générale Cameroun is committed to the development of the country's economy and the financing of all sectors of the Cameroonian economy: infrastructure, energy, agro-industry, SMEs and VSEs, government agencies, public and parastatal companies. This diversity allows our institution to work closely with corporate, institutional and individual clients. By participating to this 2022 edition, we want to present mainly our digital solutions (YUP & CONNECT) to individuals and our financing solutions to organisations and professionals. Our aim is to highlight our strengths :

- The presentation of the system deployed within our virtual branch installed in the heart of the Douala Grand Mall, demos of our remote banking products such as YUP and SG CONNECT, a staging of our multi-channel system as well as the presentation of our queue management tool in our branches;

- The commercial dynamics around our business lines: our offers and services, our specialised solutions for supporting SMEs, our cash management tools, our international trade instruments, etc. ;

- The employer brand: through workshops, conferences and other HR meetings, we will strengthen the links that our institution has with the employment world in general.

What can we wish you for the upcoming days at PROMOTE ?

Our teams are available at our Société Générale Cameroun stand from 9:00am to 5:00pm. We are inviting our customers and visitors to PROMOTE to visit us and discuss all their concerns with the teams, including the senior staff they are going to meet there. We stand ready to serve you!