Classic saving account

Build savings which are always available


The saving account is an easy to manage and efficient formula which guarantees great flexibility to enhance the value of your capital.

A winning and easy formula:

  • Current rates fixed by the Bank of Central African States (BEAC);
  • Interests: Interests are calculated every 15 days and credited on your account at the end of the year. The interests gained are added to the capital and therefore start producing interests as well;
  • Deposit: No deposit limit.

An account with no deposit limit:

There is no limit on the deposit amount; the initial deposit amount is 50 00 Fcfa for the « orphan » (1) accounts and 50 000 Fcfa if you also have a current account.

Flexible savings:

  • The amounts deposited are guaranteed and available anytime without any fee or penalty. ;
  • The saving account can be owned as a joint account.

(1) The Savings « orphan » account is an account open with no current account linked to it.



Any individual, resident or no, who is of age or underage.



Deposits and Withdrawals:

  • Deposit: at any time, money can be paid into the account from any network branches and in cash, with no deposit limit;
  • Withdrawal: At any time, in the branch which holds the account and in all Société Générale Cameroun’s cashpoints thanks to the Preference card.


Income received for a balance below 10 million Fcfa are free from taxes. As from 10 million, they are under the Proportional Tax on Income Floating Capital as from 16.5% (PTIFC).

Account Statement:

A statement is sent through in January, with the annual interests capitalised.

Necessary documents for subscription:

  • Valid proof of identity (national identity card for residents, valid passport for non-residents);
  • Localization Plan of your home address;
  • 2 recent ID Photographs.