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Easily obtain a bank account in Cameroon


To maintain connections with your home country Cameroon, help your family here, or keep some savings for your stays, return in a few years, purchase a secondary residence…You need a bank which is close to you.

The +
  • An easy service: Check your account’s bank statement from abroad, 24h/24 with our service Connect Web ;
  • A secured service:With your BIC including the international IBAN carry out transfers while in your residence country;
  • A quick service: thanks to the I-Transfer service (Société Générale in France) or any other usual transfer in your bank of origin, your funds are available in Cameroon within 3 working days maximum (considering the value date mentioned on the transfer order);
  • A convenient service: thanks to the wide range of Visa Cards available in our packages, you can access your money everywhere in the world.


At Société Générale Cameroun, we help you maintain solid relationships and propose you offers which respond to your needs.

  • Use your next stay in Cameroon to open a Non-resident (1) account in any branch of our network;
  • Come with your National ID Card/ Passport (for foreigners), an income proof, a foreign address proof;
  • Subscribe to the Online Banking service Connect Web and for a Visa Credit Card depending on the chosen package;
  • Give a mandate to operate on your account to a relative living here for more easy transactions in case be (optional);
  • Request for a mortgage to buy or build your dream house.

(1) Minimum Deposit: 200 000 F CFA.