Visa Business Card

Access a network of privileged partners and exclusive offers


A simple, fast and universally accepted means of payment, with assistance and insurance services. Discover the Visa Business card benefits, to simplify your daily routine.

The +

Up to CFAF 5,000,000 withdrawal per month in Cameroon (24/7) and 2,000,000 worldwide within the limit of the available balance.


8.705 FCFA TTC per month



Any individual customer with a cheque account with Société Générale Cameroun.


Up to CFAF 5,000,000 per month 24/7 in Cameroon and 2,000,000 worldwide within the limit of the available balance.


Up to CFAF 10,000,000 per month in Cameroon and up to CFAF 3,000,000 internationally.

Online payment 

Up to CFAF 1,000,000 per month at merchants affiliated to the Visa network.

Debit Type 



3 years


24-hour consultation of your accounts via our remote banking services on the Internet, SG CONNECT, and by SMS BANKING with the Messalia offer.

Insurance and Assistance Guarantees

Insurance :
- Accidental death 
- Travel accident 
- Luggage delay 
- Flight delay 
- Loss or theft of luggage

Assistance :
- Medical assistance  
- Travel assistance

Download the practical guide of the Société Générale Cameroun’s Credit Cards Insurance