EBENE Retirement Insurance

Prepare your retirement now


You are looking forward to a great retirement to enjoy life? With Retirement Ebene, build at your pace a capital for your retirement. Indeed, it is everyone’s responsibility to plan his retirement. Either you work and contribute longer to maintain your actual lifestyle; either you can save as from today to build a complementary capital.

We propose Ebene Retirement, a life insurance contract through capitalization which enables the subscriber to have available a capital or a life annuity at retirement age to complement his income.

The +
  • Useful: As soon as you go on retirement, you enjoy the complementary income presented as a life annuity
  • Economic: Ensures protection at minimum cost;
  • Flexible The policyholder can change its contract components anytime and pay money into his account anytime with complementary contributions
  • Smooth: Open to everyone, whatever your professional status. With 10 000 Fcfa, you can subscribe.


Build your capital at your own pace:

You decide freely on the amount of your contributions as from 10 000 f CFA per month. You can change the contributions amount anytime, request for an advance, a partial repurchase or the complete repurchase of your saving.

Profitability of your saving:

Your saving is marked up each year with the interest amount. You will receive an annual statement, which will enable you to follow-up the progress of your saving, capital and interests included.

Availability of your saving:

Your money is always available. You can have access to a part or the full amount of your saving, on the form of either an advance, a partial or total repurchase of your saving plan.

At contract’s term:

At the age of 55 or 60 years old, you will receive your savings marked up as either a capital, life annuities or definitive pensions. You can also have a mix of the different options.

Loyalty Reward:

An additional participation known as ‘loyalty reward’ will be given out as from the fifth year to each contract which is not interrupted or repurchased (partially or totally).


Life Retirement Guarantee:

It gives the policyholder the opportunity, at retirement age, or to the beneficiary, the payment of a capital or a definitive annual pension (no more than 5 years) or life annuities.

The Death and TPD Guarantee:

In case of death or Total and Permanent Disability of the policyholder, the beneficiary (ies) receives a capital equal to:

  • The Death Capital equals to the « Retirement Ebene » account balance at 01/01 of the current fiscal year multiplied by 1 or 2 depending on the policy holder’s choice;
  • The minimal Death capital at subscription is equal to the first monthly subscription chosen multiplied by 12, in case the policyholder was not able to contribute during a year;
  • The maximum Death Capital cannot be above fifteen million francs Cfa.