Visa Premier Card

Take advantage of a top-of-the-range payment card !


Use a bank card with all the insurance and assistance services associated for all your payment and withdrawal needs in Cameroon and all over the world.

The Visa Premier Card, also available in the Premier Pack, enables you to take advantage of a multiservice banking offer and a privileged follow-up in the management of your assets.


8.705 FCFA TTC per month



All private banking customer, holder of a current account open at Société Générale Cameroun.


Up to 2 500 000 Fcfa per week 24h/24 and 7d/7 in Cameroon and all over the world in the limits of the available balance.


Up to 5 000 000 Fcfa per week in the shops affiliated to the Visa network in Cameroon, all over the world and on internet.

Debit Type



2 years

Follow-up of Transactions

Have access to your bank accounts 24h24 via our distance online services, Sogec@m, and through SMS with the Messalia Offer.

Assistance Guaranteesin case of illness, injury, death, invalidity and extended insurances for your trips (loss or theft of luggage, plane delay, etc.).

For more peace, consider the Hibiscus insurance