Home loan

Build your housing project, we make it happen!


You are in search of some financing for the purchase of your main or secondary home? You wish to realize a rental investment? You are implementing restoration workfor your real estate? We support you for all your housing projects

The Home Loan is a financing offer open to all Private Banking customers, with a current account and who has domiciled his incomes at Société Générale Cameroun.

The +
  • Loan accessible anytime;
  • Your consumer adviser aligns with you on a customized repayment plan: home loan duration and the monthly credit payments are aligned on your budget;
  • Financing is free and controlled.


  • 100% Financing of all your project with a mortgage;
  • Adapted monthly repayments: considering the monthly repayment amount which you are willing to dedicate to your purchase and the loan duration which you choose, your project budget can end up ambitious. Home loan can go up to 120 monthly repayments;
  • A well-designed interest rate to finance your project;
  • Reimbursement is done by automatic debit onyour bank account, to ease your loan management. The repayments are monthly and fixed. You can repay us in full any time;
  • With a Local decision,Société Générale Cameroun responds to your request within a reasonable timeline.
  • Loan Insurance: The requestor and his relatives are covered against the risks linked to death or disability, with reimbursement of the repayments or the credit balance taken in charge, in all the instances planned.