Acajou saving plan

Build a capital with interests to obtain at term » a loan


Acajou is the ideal formula to build smoothly your savings and prepare for the future. You save and we help you realise your dreams!

For ‘A winning and easy formula’:

  • Eligibility: Any Private Banking customer who has an account (current or saving);
  • Nature: Acajou is divided into a saving phase, and an Ordinary Personal Loan (1) phase,
  • Maximum Security: Capital is guaranteed and interest rate is known upfront;
  • Interests:Interest are capitalized and payed at the end of each year, on 31st of December;
  • Deposit: At subscription, an initial deposit of 25 000 F Cfa must be done on the ACAJOU account.
The +
  • You can build your savings based on the amount of your choice;
  • You can use these savings as an “advance’ for the implementation of your project.
  • Take advantage of a loan at preferred interest rate, offered at the end of the saving period (2).


  • Deposit: You can plan to pay money into your account; this is done through a monthly or quarterly transfer of a minimum of 10 000 F CFA per month. The maximum authorized balance is 5 000 000 F CFA at term of contract (excluded capitalized interests). You can at any moment increase or decrease your deposits on the Acajou account or suspend them in case of challenges;
  • A transparent management: Each year, a detailed status (bank statement) is sent to you to show you how your savings’ financial situation is evolving;
  • Taxation: the account’s balance being of maximum 5 000 000 F CFA, the earnings are free of taxes;
  • Ordinary Personal Loan (1): Maximum amount is 10 000 000 F CFA (depending on the amount and the duration of the saving);
  • Loan Interest Rate:Preferential rate in comparison to the standard rate.

(1) Based on the Société Générale Cameroon’s loans eligibility conditions.
(2) The saving period varies between 12, 18 and 24 months