HIBISCUS Payment Means Insurance

Protect your everyday peace


You are distracted or not focused for a moment, you meet the wrong person, and this can be enough for you to lose all your payments means or your personal documents. Loss or theft, this remains a highly unpleasant experience. On one side, there is a risk that a third party makes a fraudulent use of your payment means, on the other side, you will need to go through a multitude of administrative tasks to renew those documents.

You cannot avoid it but you can gain some time and peace of mind with Hibiscus. Indeed, you will know exactly what to do. Hibiscus is an insurance policy which covers the policyholder from the fraudulent use of his different payment means (card and chequebook) and of his personal official documents (national identity card, driving license, passport), in case of loss, theft or assault.

The +
  • Protection between the moment the theft is declared and the moment the payment means are stopped;
  • Financial security in case of fraudulent use;
  • Peace of Mind.


Financial Security:

Reimbursement of any financial loss incurred from fraudulent payment or withdrawal transactions done by a third party with one or several payments means declared stolen during the subscription period, if these fraudulent transactions were effectively realised.

For the Credit Cards:

Between the moment of loss or theft and the sending of the letter to Société Générale Cameroun, the request to stop the card;

For the Cheques:

Between the moment of loss or theft and the receipt by the Société Générale Cameroun Branch of the letter requesting the cheque to be stopped. The customer must send this letter within the best timeline;

Reimbursement Limit:

150 000 Fcfa per year.

Security of official documents:

Reimbursements of the renewal fees of your official documents, in case of loss or theft of the latter, while some of the payment or withdrawal means during the subscription period.

Reimbursement limits:

  • 50 000 Fcfa per year;
  • 10 000 Fcfa per claim for the National ID Card;
  • 15 000 Fcfa per claim for the driving license;
  • 25 000Fcfa per claim for the passport.