Civil Servant’s health insurance

The best formula for your health!


HEALTH is a critical asset! However hard we pay attention to ourselves, unfortunately, we can’t anticipate on health hazards. Moreover, as a civil Servant, you don’t always have the most effective health cover to be able to pay your treatment.

Meanwhile, it is critical to protect yourself by taking care of your health upstream along as treating yourself when necessary.

To help you, Société Générale Cameroun in partnership with and Allianz Cameroon Insurances, proposes you the following offer.

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What is the cover rate?

  • You are covered at 80% based on the Medical services schedule (have a look at the Practice Guidebook)
  • You pay for 20% of the cost when you present yourself in a health service: pharmacy, hospital, analytical laboratory, etc.


What is the Civil Servant’s health insurance?

It is an insurance which in case of illness, helps you to treat yourself by cutting down the health spends which you will make.

Who can subscribe?

Any Customer of Société Générale Cameroun in the private banking category, that is a civil servant and is no more than 58 years old.

How do you subscribe?

Let’s meet in our nearest branch. A consumer adviser is available to present you the offers which best fit your needs, or reach us through our call centre SOGELINE on 233 50 18 18 (local call rates).

During your subscription, you will be handed over a guidebook of the affiliated hospitals.


What are the events taken in charge?

  • Consultations
  • Analysis
  • Optician’s expenses
  • Hospital and chirurgical expenses
  • Pharmacy Expenses
  • X-ray examinations
  • Dental Care
  • Childbirth’s packages

For the covering of your medical services, please contact Allianz’s Health Platform through the number mentioned on your health card. The latter will be given to you at taking out.