Consumer loan

Make all your wishes happen!


You want to equip or refurbish your home,you are preparing a special event? Each of these moments in one’s life are important and preparing them is necessary. We are available to help.

Open to any customer with a salary domiciled at Société Générale Cameroun, benefit from the advantages offered by our loans.

The +
  • Simple: A loan always available (1);
  • Flexible:No expense proof is expected;
  • Transparent: a monthly repayment plan aligned in function of your budget;
  • Quick:an immediate response in principle thanks to simplified procedures.

(1) Offer subject to conditions, after review of your file by the bank. A loan is a personal engagement and must be reimbursed. Check your reimbursement abilities before jumping in.


Give some impulse to your projects!

With the Consumer Credit from Société Générale, you can finance your projects up to 20 million F CFA.


  • No personal contribution or expense proof requested;
  • A reimbursement solution with no stress thanks to the monthly automatic debit (1) of your current bank account;
  • A well-designed interest rate.  

Security for your relatives and you:

In addition, you have access to an insurance which covers your repayments or the reimbursement of the remaining capital in case of complete and definitive disability or death.

(1) Maximum Life 60 months

Download the checklist to provide to build a loan file.