Where can you find a Société Générale Cameroun’s cashpoint?


At Société Générale Cameroun, we offer you a wide range, of credit cards which fit your needs. Obtain cash at any momentthanks to the cashpoints, is one of the key advantages of a bank Card. To find the list of our available Cashpoints, in our local branches or at partners, have a look at our implantations’ card.

Some practical pieces of advice 

  • Always remain alone to carry out your withdrawal in the local where the cashpoint (ATM) is installed
  • Always compose your password yourself while ensuring you are hiding the 4-digit combination;
  • If your card remains blocked in the ATM while you have not typed a wrong code three times, inform your bank and stop the card;
  • Never give out your password to a close friend or a family member to carry out withdrawals on your behalf.

In case of Fraud

In case of loss, theft or any fraudulent use of your bank card, you must immediately inform the Electronic Banking Service on (+237) 233 43 27 67 (local call rates) to stop your card. Then, you need to confirm you have stopped your card in writings (or an e-mail with receipt) to your Consumer Adviser.