Remain calm in case of temporary financial difficulties


You need a cash advance to stand a temporary cash-flow delay? You want to adjust your budget to your needs? You want to manage unforeseen activities, unexpected hospital fees, difficult end of months, etc.?

Société Générale Cameroun offers you to use an overdraft facility for more freedom and security in your budget management. Any Private Banking customer, who has a current account and has domiciled his salary at Société Générale Cameroun can have an overdraft facility.

The +
  • Resolve the problems related to temporary tensed financial situations;
  • Your overdraft can represent up to one month of salary.


  • Flexible: You define and align with your consumer adviser on the amount which best fits your needs and your income.
  • Quick: Your overdraft facility is effective as soon as we receive your first salary transfer or domiciliation of your incomes;
  • Convenient: As soon as your file is received, you can use your overdraft authorization smoothly and occasionally without any additional formality. The amount of your overdraft is reimbursed each month when your salary or incomes are transferred;
  • Economic:You only pay fees based on actual usage of the overdraft.

To avoid to your relatives any reimbursement of an eventual overdraft in case of death, we recommend you subscribe to the Tranquillity Insurance.