Our governance

Executive Committee

Managing Director : Sterghios DASSARECOS
Deputy Managing Director : Victor NOUMOUÉ
Deputy Managing Director : Sonia NGATCHOU
Audit Director : Leonel KOMMEGNE
Marketing and Communications Director : Blaise ETOA
Risk Director : Nathalie TISSOT
Risk Management Officer : Thérèse BISSE
Human Resources Director : Aboubakar CHIBOU
Finance Director : Collins AMBIANA-MANEBANACK
Payments Director : Sylviane MOUDEKE
General Secretary : Tertio NKONGA
Compliance Director : Ibrahim YAHAYA
Corporate and Institutional Banking Director : Amara DIANÉ
Private Individual Banking Director : Armelle BELLA
Operations Director : Léonie CHEPING

Board of Directors

Board Chairman : M. Alain MALONG


M. Laurent GOUTARD
Mme Laetitia MAUREL
Mme Pascale MOREAU
M. Philippe AMESTOY

SOCIETE GENERALE : Represented by  Mme Mareme MBAYE NDIAYE
ALLIANZ AFRICA : Represented by  M. Olivier MALATRE
CAMEROON STATE : Represented by M. Cyrill EDOU ALO’O


Société Générale Cameroun’s capital is shared among 3 shareholders :

  • The Société Générale Group : 58,08% ;
  • Cameroon State :25.6%  ;
  • Allianz Assurance Cameroon : 16.32%.