This website is published by Société Générale Cameroun.
Société anonyme au capital de 12 500 000 000 Fcfa.
Registered at RC/DLA/B/013.111
Statistic Number 211 620 003 S
Tax Payer Card Number: M 026 300 006 400 K
Approval Number: 187/MINFI/CE2 du 05/07/1974
PSI Approval Number: Decision n°01/025/CMF/03 of 29th of December 2003
Settlement Bank Approval Number: Agreement°08/011/CMF/03 of 6th of August 2003
Headquarters at Douala 78, Joss Street, P.O. BOX 4042. CAMEROON

Managing Director : Sterghios DASSARECOS
Publishing Director : Blaise ETOA
Content Manager :

Contacts :
(+237) 233 50 16 08
This website is hosted by Société Générale.
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1. Professional Regulation:
Société Générale Cameroun is a credit institution incorporated under Cameroonian law, authorized by the Finance Ministry for bank operations and by the Financial Markets Commission for investment services. Société Générale Cameroun is controlled by the Central African Banking Commission (COBAC) along with the Financial Markets Commission (CMF), in Cameroon in its position of credit institution and investment company (hereby Investment Services provider) authorized to carry out bank operations and offer its investment services as per dispositions of the law n°99/015 of 22 December 1999, creating and organizing the financial market and the subsequent texts.

2. Website Content:
Société Générale Cameroun and its contributors make sure to insure the exactness and the update of the information published on this website, for which it maintains the right, to correct the content anytime, with no further notice.

However, they cannot guarantee its exhaustivity or the absence of changes by a third party (intrusion, virus). Moreover, Société Générale Cameroun and its contributors reject all responsibility (direct or indirect) in case of delay, error or miss on the content of the following pages, or on the use which can be done of it by anyone, along with any interruption or non- availability of the service. Therefore, the liability of Société Société Générale Cameroun and it contributors cannot be proven in case of indirect damages, such as (without this list being complete), the losses occurred from the transactions done based on the information, profit loss, service loss, losses linked to an interruption of the service, increase in the cost of access or treatment of the information. Moreover, Société Générale Cameroun and its contributors are not liable of elements out of their control and the damages which could affect your technical environment, namely your computers, software, network equipment (modem, phones, etc.) and any equipment used to access or use the service and/or the information. Lastly, Société Générale Cameroun and its contributors don’t guarantee and will not be in any way liable of the sequence, the exactness, the absence of errors, the truth, the present character, the loyal and merchant quality, the quality, the appropriateness, the non-distorted character and the availability of the information present on this site. You engage to a personal and non-commercial usage of the information on this website.

3. Subscription to Products and Services:
As part of its legal or statutory obligations Société Générale Cameroun depending on the financial instruments which you will be proposed and the classification which she will give you, may have to check the fit with your needs or the appropriate character of the financial instruments compared to your financing or investment objectives, your knowledge and your experience. Without prejudice of Société Générale Cameroun’s legal or statutory obligations, the investors need to proceed, before any investment in a product or closure of any related transaction, to their personal analysis of the product and its risks, namely from a legal, tax and accounting perspective, without basing themselves solely on the information shared with them; the investors need to consult if necessary, their own experts in the domain, or any other professional. Subject to the respect of its legal or statutory obligations, Société Générale Cameroun cannot be held accountable of the financial consequences of any nature resulting from any transaction linked to its product, or any investment in the product.

Any eventual online subscription request of a product or service proposed by Société Générale Cameroun is valid only after acceptance by the latter and will imply that the transaction follows the contract’s and pricing current conditions, as well as the Cameroonian law.

4. Intellectual Property:
This website is under Cameroonian law on copyright, trademarks and generally intellectual property, being it on the form (choice, map, content tables, data access means, data organisation, etc.), or all the content elements (texts, images, etc.). This content, available on the websites pages, are the exclusive property of the Société Générale Group and its contributors. You hereby engage not to use this content and not allowing anyone to use it for illegal purposes. Per exception, some contents (texts, images) are the property of their respective authors.

No reproduction, representation, broadcast or re-broadcast of any part or content of this website is allowed on any material being or by any process (namely caching or framing). Moreover, no sale, resale, re-broadcast or provision to third parties in any form, is allowed. The non-respect of this prohibition constitutes an act of counterfeit which can engage the civil and penal liability for its author.

5. Hyperlinks :
Société Générale Cameroun is not responsible for the content of any externally linked website or page. Société Générale Cameroun is not responsible for hyperlinks leading to this website and banns to anybody the right to establish those hyperlinks without its express and prior authorization.

6. Personal Data Collected :
To give the best response to your needs and when you access this website, Société Générale Cameroun can directly collect personal data or indirectly nominative (IP address), if need be through forms. These data are registered in Société Générale Cameroun’s data systems or the systems of our service providers and mandate advisors. Some of this information collected is mandatory to handle your requests: they are mentioned in bold or through any equivalent process.

The collected data are principally used for the management of the banking relation. They can also be used to keep you posted of any events, actions or published news which can be of interest to you. Indirectly nominative data used for statistic purpose can also be collected to manage your connection or your browsing (Cf. Cookies policy)

Communication to third parties:
The collected data can be, with express approval, communicated for the above-mentioned aims, to Société Générale Group entity, to its partners, its insurance brokers and insurers, as well as all its contractors and service providers within the limits necessary to carry out the tasks which they have in charge. They may contact you directly thanks to the information which you gave us.

Transactions Security:
Société Générale Cameroun takes the physical, technical and structure appropriate measures to maintain the security and the confidentiality of the personal data, namely to protect them from loss, accidental destruction, deterioration and non-authorized access.

Cookie Policy :
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7. Security.
This website is protected by one of the highest technical security level and under permanent watch. The algorithms and mechanics used to secure your communications with Société Générale Cameroun and the information which concerns you, abide by the existing Cameroonian regulations.