Cash voucher

Subscribe to the cash voucher and make your savings yield a profit


Are you looking for a short and secured placement? The Société Générale Cameroun cash vouchers are one of the most secured placements. You know precisely what you will gain from the investment as the interest rate is defined in advance.

Productivity completely insured:

Your interests are paid annually; therefore you immediately reach your productivity. No administration or management fees to pay and your initial investment is guaranteed on due date.

Capital’s protection:

Your capital is protected. At payment date, your capital is reimbursed on the account of your choice. The interests are paid on subscription on the account of your choice.

The +
  • You freely choose your placement term, with a minimum of 3 months;
  • You can secure your cash voucher and therefore obtain a loan
  • You can remain anonymous and choose anonymous cash vouchers;
  • Secured Productivity.


  • Term: The placement is reinstated on written request from the customer (3 months, 6 months, 12 months or more than 24 months);
  • Subscription amount: minimum 500 000 Fcfa;
  • Fees:You pay no creation or management fees;
  • Interest Rate: The cash voucher interest rate is linked to the average market rate;
  • Taxation:Cash Vouchers are not taxed