Visa Classic Card

Use a practical and secure bank card which follows you everyday


It is a bank and debit card in Cameroon and abroad, which can be used in cashpoints of Société Générale Cameroun, and other bankers, along with shops which have an Electronic Payment Terminal (PDQ). Its extended network enables you to use it in more than 220 countries and in more than 29 million shops. You also take advantage of insurance and assistance offers.


4.770 FCFA TTC per month



All private banking customer, holder of a current account open at Société Générale Cameroun.


Up to 2 000 000 Fcfa per week 24h/24 and 7d/7 in Cameroon in all Société Générale Cameroun’s cashpoints or any other bank and other affiliate cashpoints to the VISA Network in Cameroon and all over the world.


Up to 4 000 000 Fcfa per week in all the shops affiliate to the Visa Network in Cameroon, all over the world and on internet.

Debit Type 



2 years


The cash withdrawals done with the Visa Classic Card as well as the payments done in a shop or on internet are mentioned on the bank statement of the account which the card is attached to and on the withdrawal tickets.

Insurance and Assistance Guarantees

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