IROKO Studies Insurance

Build some savings to secure your children’s future


Conscious of life unforeseen events, do you want to protect your children give them the best chances to succeed in their studies? Our response, the IROKA Insurance policy.

Iroko is a mixt insurance policy (life insurance and death insurance) which allows to:

  • Protect the policyholder’s children in case of death thanks to the payment of a yearly pension up to their 25 years’ old
  • Secure through saving an available capital for the children to pursue their studies with no financial constraints.
The +
  • Useful: ensures a financial security;
  • Economic: Guarantees a protection at minimum cost;
  • Flexible: The policyholder can change its contract components anytime;
  • Smooth:The subscription process is simple and fast.


Capital built at your pace

With IROKO, build savings for your child. Indeed, choose freely the deposits amount, as from 5000 Fcfa per month. You can change this amount anytime.

Profitability and Transparency 

Your contributions are marked up each year with the interests. You will receive an annual statement, which will enable you to follow-up the progress.

Availability of your savings

Your money is available anytime. You can access part of full saving amount by choosing a partial or total repurchase.

Guarantee in two options:

    > On top of the saving, the insurance will pay a yearly pension to the beneficiary until his 25 years old.
    > In case he lives, the subscriber has two options: availability of the full capital built or benefit from a definite pension marked up each year;
    > In case he dies, the beneficiary of the pension will receive it yearly up to his 25th birthday. 
    > In case subscriber is alive at end of contract: Saving built is payed and marked up on form of capital or a definite pension;
    > In case subscriber dies before end of contract: Payment to the child beneficiary of the saving, the capital is paid to the beneficiaries as named in the contract;
    > The subscriber defines himself the term and the amount of the contract.