Official inauguration of the new Societe Generale Cameroun branch in Dschang


2021 is beginning in Dschang with the opening of a new Société Générale Cameroun branch in the West Region: the fourth after Bafoussam, Foumban and Mbouda.

The official inauguration ceremony of this branch took place on Friday, 15 January 2021.

This ceremony was chaired by Divisional Officer of the Menoua Division, Mr. Mboke Godlive Ntua, in the presence of the Mayor of the town of Dschang, Mr. Kemleu Tchabgou Jacquis Gabriel, as well as a large number of economic operators, traditional leaders and other guests. The Société Générale Cameroun delegation was led by the Managing Director, Mrs. Mareme Mbaye Ndiaye.

This new branch which is open to the inhabitants, businesses and students of the University of Dschang, will allow Société Générale Cameroun customers in this town to carry out their day-to-day counter transactions or cash withdrawals, without the need for travel to neighbouring towns (Bafoussam, Mbouda). Its opening is in line with Société Générale Cameroun's strong desire to sustainably strengthen and consolidate its geographical presence across Cameroon, in order to further establish its status as a reference relational bank in Cameroon.