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Launch of the Payment of Taxes and Duties in our Branches


Pay your taxes and duties at our Akwa - Liberté, Vogt, Limbe and Bamenda branches as well as our Dedicated branch at the Douala customs office.

We are pleased to announce to you the effective launch of the payment of taxes and duties in our branches, in accordance with the provisions of Amendment N° 2 of the MINFI-Credit Establishments-APECCAM memorandum of understanding of 20 November 2018. Consequently, the Bank is continuing to support the Government of Cameroon in the implementation of reforms aimed at collecting State revenue. This is why SG Cameroon makes its counters available to the Directorate General for Taxation (DGI), for the collection of taxes and duties.
Who are the taxpayers concerned? 
- Taxpayers under the Divisional Tax Centres (CDI) of the cities of Douala, Yaounde, Limbe and Bamenda (whose turnover is < XAF 50 million);
- Public administrations, for their taxes managed by the Specialized Centre for Public Establishments in Yaounde;
- Successful bidders of public contracts, for the payment of registration fees for these public contracts;
- Buyers of used vehicles, for the payment of vehicle-ownership transfers registration fees.

How are these payments made? 
- We invite you to read the procedure for the payment of these taxes, as well as the list of tax transactions payable and that of the 19 DGI services selected for this deployment phase, in the cities of Douala, Yaounde, Limbe and Bamenda.
Where do you make these payments at SG Cameroun?
- Our Single Window office;
- Akwa – Liberté branch (Douala) ;
- Vogt branch (Yaounde) ;
- Limbe branch;
- Bamenda branch;
- The list will be extended progressively.
Our advisers are at your entire disposal to provide you with any additional information