Société Générale Cameroun lends its expertise to the Cameroonian cement company CIMAF to ensure the security and traceability of the securities held by its shareholders


In a partnership contract signed on August 11, 2022, Société Générale Cameroon was chosen and commissioned by CIMAF to ensure the dematerialization process of its shares. The operation covers advisory services, diagnostic, account registration and maintenance of the securities account of the cement company's shareholders.

The contract signed with CIMAF is worth CFAF 5 500 000 EOT/year. 

The dematerialisation of securities is an operation that replaces physical securities certificates with the registration of securities in the name of their owners in electronic form.

This dematerialisation ensures transparency, security and traceability of securities in circulation across the national territory with a view to perfect control of related transactions; better control of securities transactions at the level of tax collection; knowledge of the wealth of securities in circulation in Cameroon; and the fight against tax fraud linked to securities transactions.

Société Générale Cameroun's technical expertise will enable CIMAF to comply with regulatory requirements.
According to the 2014 law, securities, i.e. shares (units of a company's capital stock that give the right to dividends and the power to vote in meetings) or bonds (acknowledgement of debt), must be in electronic form..

As a reminder, Société Générale Cameroun carries out various missions including the management of Securities Events (ESV), management of Securities Transactions (OST), creation of dematerialized securities registers, and stewardship during General Meetings of Shareholders.

Société Générale Cameroun is approved by the CMF and acts as a Custodian Account Holder. To this effect, we now have more than 57 clients in our portfolio, among others we have ORANGE CAMEROUN; ALLIANZ CAMEROUN; ALUCAM; SGS SCANNING and plan to expand further over the years.