Manage your account from your computer in a few clicks


With Sogecam, you can:

  • Access your accounts as often as you want;
  • Download your account’s history in different formats, save and print it;
  • Carry out transfers from account to account (to one or several receivers, holders of a Société Générale Cameroon bank account).


3.220 FCFA TTC per month


Access your bank account and manage your transfer transactions from your computer by connecting safely to the Sogec@am site. Indeed, we do our best for an optimal security of your electronic bank transactions thanks to the use of one of the most performing security systems to date, data coding at 128 bits, which ensures confidentiality of all your data.

The service is open to any person holder of a Private Banking Current Account.

Thanks to Sogec@m, have access to a range of simple and secured services.