Premier Pack

With the Premier Pack, discover a world of privileges.


You often travel within and out of Cameroon and have needs for high payment or withdrawal capacities, some personalized solutions which are best suited to your lifestyle? Enter a world of privileges with the Premier Pack and enjoy peacefully the best of your bank:

  • Security: a complete range of insurance guarantees associated to your account along with trusted and modern follow-up tools for your bank assets
  • Exclusive: high payment and withdrawal limits;
  • Convenient: a package designed to answer all your comfort needs.
  • 50% discount on the fees for your first mortgage
  • Your international fund transfers and your currency change at preferred rates


13.475 FCFA TTC per month


The Premier Pack, the best of Banking, Added Confort!

  • A current bank account to manage safely all your banking transactions (salaries, receipt of travel expenses, bank transfers, etc.);
  • The Visa Premier Card for all your withdrawals and payments 24h/24 and 7d/7 in Cameroon and abroad
  • Messalia and Sogec@m, two services of distance banking which help you optimize your account’s follow-up from your mobile phone or your computer;
  • The Tranquillity Life Insurance to cover your own overdraft in case of death from any cause.
  • The Hibiscus Insurance which covers you from the fraudulent use of your payment means (chequebook and credit card) in case of loss or theft and which also covers the renewal cost of your official documents in case you lose them.
  • A permanent overdraft (1) up to 100% of your salary.

(1) Offer subject to conditions, after review of your file by the bank. A loan is a personal engagement and must be reimbursed. Check your reimbursement abilities before jumping in.