Harmony Pack

Serenity at the right price


You are an employee and have a regular income, domiciled at Société Générale Cameroun and you want a useful and easy banking solution at a preferred rate? This is now possible thanks to the Harmony Pack.

  • Complete: An offer which regroups most of the banking product and services
  • Economic: An advantageous pricing policy on the products individually subscribed to
  • Personalized: An offer which reflects your daily needs
  • A Travel and Health assistance
  • An Accidental Death Insurance
  • A free cancellation once per year for a cheque or VISA card and a certified cheque


3.935 FCFA TTC per month


Willing to ease your life and help you manage your account in a simple, fast and modern way, the Harmony Pack of Société Générale Cameroun, offers you products and services which answer all your needs at a very attractive price.

The Harmony Pack is directly related to your means and incomes:

  • A current bank account, which enables you to manage all your bank operations (salaries, receipt of transfer orders) in a completely secured manner;
  • A VISA Electron Card for all your withdrawals and payments 24h/24 and 7d/7 in Cameroon and abroad;
  • A Permanent Overdraft (1) up to 50% of your salary, to manage cash-flow issues in case of any unforeseen event;
  • The Tranquillity Life Insurance to cover your overdraft in case of death of any cause;
  • Messalia to receive through SMS directly on your phone, information of your account

(1) Offer subject to conditions, after review of your file by the bank. A loan is a personal engagement and must be reimbursed. Check your reimbursement abilities before jumping in.