Easy Pack

Enjoy customized services


We propose the Easy Pack, a new and complete banking offer, aimed for clients with monthly income up to 150 000 F CFA

With the Easy Pack, you automatically have access to a bunch of products and services for your everyday banking:

  • A Bank Account;
  • The Privilege Card for your withdrawals in all Société Générale Cameroun’s checkpoints;
  • The Messalia Service to receive through SMS regular information on your bank account (balance, card’s availability, etc.)
  • The Tranquillity Life Insurance which prevents your relatives from reimbursing an eventual overdraft in case of death for any causes.
  • An Advance on Salary (optional) to manage your urgent and unexpected expenses.

When you subscribe to the Tranquillity Pack, the first two months are free


2.385 FCFA TTC per month