Confidence Pack

Useful and practical services to control your expenses


You are an employee or receive a regular income domiciled at Société Générale Cameroun and you want to take advantage of a practical and useful banking solution, at a preferred rate? This is now possible with the Confidence Pack, a summary of services designed to fully answer your needs!

  • Convenient: a package of 6 essential products and services
  • Economic: a preferred rate;
  • Customized: an offer based on your daily needs.
  • Once per year, stop a cheque with no fees
  • Once per year, a certified banker’s cheque offered
  • Once per year, stop your credit card in case of loss or theft with no fees
  • A 50% Rebate on the price of the spouse’s credit card
  • Your credit card renewed for free once per year, in case of a faulty card.


6.320 FCFA TTC per month


Open to any customer who has domiciled his salary at Société Générale Cameroun, benefit from the advantages offered by our special offer:

  • A current banking account to manage safely all your banking operations (salaries, receipt of travel expenses, bank transfers, etc.)
  • The Visa Electron Card for all your withdrawals and payments 24h/24 and 7d/7 in Cameroon and abroad
  • Messalia, to receive through SMS directly on your phone, information of your account (balance, alert for salary bank transfer or any other credited amount or availability in your branch of your cheque book or your credit card);
  • The Tranquillity Life Insurance to cover your overdraft in case of death of any cause;
  • The Hibiscus Insurance which covers you from the fraudulent use of your payment means (cheque book and credit card) in case of loss or theft and covers the renewal cost of your official documents in case they are lost or stolen;
  • A permanent overdraft (1) up to 100% of your salary, to manage cash-flow issues in case of any unforeseen event

(1) Offer subject to conditions, after review of your file by the bank. A loan is a personal engagement and must be reimbursed. Check your reimbursement abilities before jumping in.